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Our vision is to make a new generation of user interfaces. Our applications will be easy to use and at the same time we will produce truly unique features which have never been seen before .

Our vision is to create the finest user interfaces for stylus pens in the world.



Pisara Learning is a pioneer in creating new ways of enhanced learning through next generation human-computer interaction. The solution is based on research offering an intuitive, unique and contemporary feel, and user interface is designed to best support learning.


Our graphical user interface is designed to leverage stylus-based software. Our human-computer interaction is based on the most important technological innovation in human history, namely pen. Pisara is developing a new wave of humanized digitalisation where the user interface will become much like paper and notebook, simple and useful. At the same time we will provide instant feedback to users to motivate and engage them further.




User data is utilized only for the benefit of the users themselves. We build our interface to adapt to the needs and behavior of individual users. Adaptation of our application is a natural feature as our user interface reacts to the users actions.

Adaption is leveraged to make learning more engaging. In learning, there are usually two kinds of motivational problems: either assignments are too easy, or they are too hard. Our adaptive user interface always gives assignments according to the user's current level of skills and understanding.



Digital tools enable endless ways to analyze human actions and thinking. 

Our platform provides analytics for users, not for marketing. We create informative and visually unambiguous charts. Our goal is to give tools for our users to understand themselves better so that they can achieve greater goals.

Our analytics are helpful and useful for educator-pupil interaction. Through analytics, the assessment of the learner will become far more objective and accurate. It also guides learning strategy for both individual and organizational level. Analytics is the only way to achieve knowledge based decision making process for education.





We are developing optical character recognition which is based on deep learning neural networks. Our OCR is uniquely specified for educational use. Our optical character recognition can be utilized to improve handwriting especially for children. Our Machine Learning OCR will be able to recognize forms in drawings excluding text or numbers.

OCR will become vital technology for education in the near future. It will be a key factor in developing fundamental skills of writing and mathematics especially for the early stage of learning.


We are developing a dialogue system to help learning. Our chatbot is designed for education. Chatbot decreases teacher's workload and increases user motivation.

Dialogue system will be able to give praise, motivate and advice in a personalized manner. With extensive user classification processes we can personalize chatbot for individual users to optimize motivational aspects.

Our dialogue system also gives automated feedback for performed tasks. Chatbot is providing an interactive interface for users to improve their skills in collaboration with computers.


Pisara Learning is creating a new way of learning around data the learners provide. We promise that the data is used only to benefit the users themselves. We believe that ethical questions are most important to solve before it is morally acceptable to start developing comprehensive data driven solutions for education.

We are building architecture which makes it impossible for data to be in wrong hands. Data our applications generate will always be destroyed after the user stops using our solutions.

Learning level profile

Our LMS is created to track the level of skills users have. Our application will create standardized learning level profiles of users. Our learning levels are formed according Finnish educational system and they are based on the latest theoretical knowledge of educational science.


Learning level profiles include analysis of individual user as a learner so that AI is able to understand which tasks are most suitable and what kind of learning style is the most effective for individual users.

Assigment AI

We are creating unique solution to use AI in education. Our assignment AI is working with a library of assignments. The library consists of a vast amount of assignments of writing, drawing, and mathematics. Based on the learning level profile of the user, AI selects assignments and tasks matching the user's learning ability.






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